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Friday 9th March 2018 at 23:00h @ TRiXY
Remember our Lab.105dB 'Strictly Techno’ nights at Club Basic, back in 2012? We’ve had some epic nights and were able to invite some great artists for the first time in Belgium; Thomas Hessler, Miss Sunshine, Hefty,… Those were the good old days…Where it didn’t matter who the headliner was, or how many likes and followers an artist had… The people just knew our night was a guarantee for a proper rave and they almost never went home empty handed... 105 CD’s were burned, buttons & stickers were made, because the experience was as important as the music... They say we have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they use to be, but in this case i find it really hard! Through the years i’ve met so many amazing people, artists with a pure heart and profound love for music, talented producers, promotors with a vision… All leaving impressions, inspiring me in their own way…making everything i do, even more worthwhile! So now the time has come to gather all these people and make some magic happen… -------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINE UP : MTD / IT - Methodical / Sonntag Morgen / Nachtstrom Schallplatten 3h set Nicola Belligoli aka MTD was born in Mantua in 1986, after several years of interest in electronic music, particularly in techno, and after experiencing the production world, he decides to open his own label together with its historic partner Tracy. In the winter between 2010 and 2011 Sonntag Morgen comes to life, initially only with digital releases and then also on wax. Now in its five year it counts more than 50 releases on digital and 9 on vinyl. With the launch of the label MTD finds room to exhibit the best of his idea of Techno. Hypnotic and rough sounds influenced by dub and experimental moods, he never stop to research and experiment new sounds or new technic. This will eventually lead him to collaborate with many Italian and international labels. Today in his discography we can find a large variety of works supported by numerous artists of the international music scene. He recently also started his own new project “Methodical”, a new label platform vinyl only with no boundaries where every artist can express himself in the best way, with no particular constrictions, everything curated by MTD himself. Forkowski / NL 3h oldskool vinyl set Long time record collector and Techno enthusiast Forkowski is one of the Underdogs of the Rotterdam Techno scene, known for his distinguished taste in Techno. With a great passion for the 12’’ medium, he has never turned his back to vinyl and the result is an impressive and versatile selection of music - making him able to adapt easily between the many sub styles within the genre. 'Warming' up by TRiXY :) So come early and leave late ;) 18+ No drugs allowed Overpoortstraat 76 9000 Gent


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Friday 9th March 2018

Starts at 23:00h


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